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ai portraits made during playform residency

anthromorph’s visual language aims to abstract the body and present it as a form in the shape of the human. Inspired by transhuman and cyborg theory, with the use of silicone exoskeletons the body transforms into an animal hybrid state. The work is exhibited on instagram, a social media platform which due to it is popularity, has infiltrated the social body. The representations there, have become a legitimised identification for the cyber social body. This way, transhuman representations on the platform allow the viewer to experience a type of humanness that wouldn't be able to otherwise.  


Queer/non normative bodies often model as Anthromorphs and are celebrated through the lens. Having no vision while you perform allows the performers to be empowered and present their bodies separated by the negative connotations human society enforce. It tries to bridge the gap between human and nature, and calls for oneness between all organisms, similar to how 30 trillion individual different cells bond selflessly together to give life to one multicellular organism. 

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anthro (human) morph (form) . We are all made from the same architectures. Temporarily fragmented machines with different abilities to navigate the environments around them. 

The identity construct that is understood as human is not relevant anymore. Our knowledge of the material world only proves that, yet the human identity is made to be conservative. 

All life is one.

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