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anthro book

This is a gift from my soul. 50+ pages will be written this summer to further progress of the mythology. By purchusing this 22k word draft pdf, you will help fund editor Lia Sinouri who have edited the first two chapters to finalize this book for the Earth.



Somewhere on Earth, on a small island, a festive celebration is taking place. Humans are dancing together in a communal manner. Meanwhile, a child perceived as queer is being ostracised from the island by a mob of angry men. They chase it up a hill where they beat it, throw stones at it and punish the child who is seen and taken for a demon. They do it as a ritual to prove their masculinity to each other. As the sun sets and the men leave, the earth opens up to absorb and take in the body that is left to die, wielding it into another dimension in Time: Plato’s World of Ideas. In this world, one of dissociation, the child’s mind (spirit) goes to heal while its body gains the power to return to Space.


There, as Plato described, concepts and archetypes of the human mind take forms as spirits in a peculiar infinite white space. All exists there in quantum form, until brought into attention, triggering a quantum collapse to form manifestations of the psyche. Flora and fauna of the world approach the wounded child, making it explore and learn about itself. They give it ritual baths to remove its “human” cultural conditioning and birth it as an “Anthromorph”. A being in the shape of a human but not really a human. Anthro then meets the spirit of Earth, Gaia, but she is sick. Certain power systems are violently dominating and draining her resources, destabilizing her homeostasis. The empire they are imposing has turned into a cancer. A tumor of concrete, plastic and psychic turmoil. She grieves with every eruption and natural disaster. Retrieving her evolutionary growth is the only way to protect herself on the long term. In her weakness she becomes a willow tree with leaves made of tears. They wet Anthro’s face. Helping her heal becomes its purpose. “Purpose” ends up being the key to return to Space.


     When Anthro returns back to Earth, it is shocked to find the land around her barren and dead. The sea is on fire by oil spills, plastic waste has created new continents, and desolation is everywhere. Cities have been destroyed, humans have been left to starve while a handful of rich ones have been hiding in bunkers. Anthro is enraged, it calls for all cellular life to join its body. Instantaneously, all matter is attracted and forcefully gathers on its body, which slowly transforms into a Titan constantly changing forms, portraying all the expressions of life absorbed. Titan digests the plethora of perspectives and consciousnesses it has absorbed and reaches a new collective consciousness of Earth. As this is happening, the fungi take over the Earth and decompose all the plastic waste the humans have left behind. When the purification process is over and the Titan has stopped processing how toxically its body has evolved, it breaks into seeds and fertilizes the land. Beautiful forests and jungles spring out of nothingness, absorbing the excess carbon that was warming the Earth’s atmosphere and destroying the concrete that had atrophied in the spaces where human cities had been. When the climate stabilizes, plants grow in abundance and give birth to anthropomorphic hybrid animals, each with a special ability to evolve in and navigate its environment. You see biodiversity flourish through the balance achieved. Earth is in harmony again, now with consciousness, gardening and caring for the miracle that is her life. The earthforms did not build a kingdom. They became selfless parts of an ecosystem.



anthro book

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