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anthro (human) morph (form) . We are all made from the same architectures. Temporarily fragmented machines with different abilities to navigate the environments around them. 

The identity construct that is understood as human is not relevant anymore. Our knowledge of the material world only proves that, yet the human identity is made to be conservative. 

All life is one.

Anthromorph is an artist and theorist pioneering the exploration of posthuman identities through the medium of sculpture and performance. Rooted in a profound connection with nature and myth, their work challenges the conventional boundaries between human and animal, nature and technology, male and female, self and other, real and imagined. Through the creation of wearable silicone exoskeletons and other mixed media forms, Anthromorph transforms the human body into a canvas for questioning and redefining the essence of human identity.


Their artistry delves deep into the intersections of biology and identity, drawing from ancient symbols and the raw, elemental forces of nature to forge a path toward a more fluid and inclusive understanding of existence. By engaging with concepts such as digital performativity, Anthromorph bridges the gap between physical and digital realms, reflecting on how virtual spaces can influence and expand the performativity of gender and identity.


At the heart of their work lies a challenge to the binaries that have historically constrained human experience. Through their artistic expressions, Anthromorph invites viewers to reimagine the body as a site of limitless potential, a place where transformation and transcendence are not only possible but celebrated. Their commitment to redefining the human condition offers a radical vision of future possibilities where identity is fluid, and life itself is a form of art.

ai portraits made during playform residency

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