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trans fem nude

photographed by Hermes Pittakos

Starting hormones three years ago

 I could never believe how liberated and self aware / real I would feel now.

Like I was overtaken by mushrooms, cordyceps,

a new lifeform grew inside the the boy body I killed.

Separating from what I was assigned at birth with hormones,

my body was nourished by a corpse,

giving me a new shape, slowly.

While nesting as anthromoprh the new shape became more tolerable.

with every mask, and every time I had a chance to see myself in one,

I was unlocking and grounding new types of self awareness.

my work started originally from collaging self portraits in ethereal non physical spaces,

and slowly got grounded in existing in physical nature.

anthromorph has always been a process of grounding for me. and now,

I feel like I was able to create a human avatar which I am happy to embody,

and the sense of connection I feel to anthromorph has changed.

originally I needed it as a safety jacket,

when I was selfless and self rejecting, 

but now this safety jacket should be used as visual empowerment for others. 

people that need to be liberated and access transcendence from their body limitations,

like I did back then.

I am very grateful for the philosophy I was able to discover through channeling anthromorph

and will always honour my angel queen. 


My FFS has been booked for January, it will be documented for a documentary I will be working on early 2022. Thank you to everyone that donated to my go fund you can continue donating here we have 40% left. It would help a lot since being trans doesn't give you the same financial opportunities and its impossible to fund a transition and kickstart a career at the same time.

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